Running a Kindle Scout campaign is nerve-wracking process. At this point, we already established that the goals are to get a lot of nominations to be on Hot and Trending. Unfortunately, you will never have the opportunity to know how many nominations you received. You’ll know you got a lot of votes when you see your book finally on H&T. I am sure that those books that stayed on H&T for almost 30 days of their campaign had paid for advertising to get more exposure and therefore, more nominations. Believe me, I know. It was very hard to be on H&T for an hour, let alone 30 days? They probably paid a fortune. If I’m wrong, then I really want to know their secret because it works.

Oh, and don’t forget to join KBoards. These group are totally supportive in sharing their Kindle Scout experiences. Steve Gannon post a daily list of books who are in the run. So KBoarders will nominate from the list that is near their campaign end.

Okay, back to my kindle scout experience. The first half of my campaign was a success. I garnered a total of 176 hours on Hot and Trending; 82 of those hours was during the Thanksgiving weekend. Best stats ever!

Unfortunately, the second half of my campaign didn’t do so well. After my successful first half, I fell off the list. And for the next several days, I fell off the list completely. Even my page views suffer.

November 27-December 04: 0 HOURS IN HOT AND TRENDING.

As I previously mentioned, my daily posting to book groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter, pleading to nominate my book did not do anything for me. It was very frustrating. At this point, I’ve pretty much given up hope that my book would go back to H&T list again.

December 05-December 09:  71 HOURS IN HOT AND TRENDING

Wait a minute! How did that happen? KBoards to the rescue, that’s why.

As I previously mentioned, Steve Gannon post a daily list of books who are in the run. So KBoarders will nominate from the list that is near their campaign end.



And that’s the reason my book is back on H&T again. If you haven’t join KBoards yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to join:



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