CONCLUSION (12/15/2016)

By now, most of you know that my book, My Runaway Bride, did not get a publishing contract. I was pretty disappointed, of course, especially when I received the rejection letter one day after my campaign ended.

That being said, I learned a lot from this experience. Never run a Kindle Scout campaign around mid-November or around the holidays. So many books were selected right at the beginning of the month. There were at least twelve or thirteen books accepted late November and early part of December. I read in the KBoards forum that the maximum amount of books selected in any given month in the past was 13. If we base it on that fact, then all the books that ended their campaign mid-December had no chance because Kindle Scout already met their quota. I heard of one author who spent a fortune with paid advertising and stayed on H&T (712 hours out of 720) and he still didn’t get pick. It only proves that the stats don’t exert a large influence over the outcome. Don’t stress over your book being on Hot and Trending because it doesn’t mean squat. So, if you are planning to enter your book in Kindle Scout, just keep that in mind.

All in all, it was a stressful but enjoyable 30-day campaign. Every author should experience it—the rejection. But, life goes on. There is life after Kindle Scout. On the positive note: one of the best things about running a campaign is meeting other authors and forming friendships on KBoards during your 30-day campaign. So don’t forget to join. You’ll get a lot of support from them.

And last, if you had nominated my book, thank you so much. My book is now available on Amazon. Click here to purchase.



DECEMBER 10, 2016

It’s finally over! My campaign has officially ended. It was an exhausting effort.  It was stressful but enjoyable 30-day campaign. Regardless if my book is selected or not, one thing is for sure. I’m already a winner. If I didn’t enter my book on Kindle Scout, I would have never connected with a lot of my social media friends, especially the wonderful people on KBoards.

Here’s my final stats:

November 11 thru December 10, 2016: 271 HOURS IN HOT AND TRENDING, 6,000 PAGE VIEWS. 34% Traffic from Kindle Scout, 66% Traffic from external links

And now I wait…


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