FREE READ FIRST CHAPTER: Mrs. Millionaire and the Delivery Girl Book 5


The rumbling sound of Nancy’s pickup truck could be heard a mile away. As it was heading down the road, she repeatedly honked the horn waving to people holding signs, protesting in front of a factory for shorter work hours and better pay. She honked again to show support for the demonstrators.

For Nancy, she never expected to work as a delivery girl. She had plans, high hopes, and big dreams. She was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” by her classmates. She had promised herself a long time ago that as soon as she graduated and landed a job, she would have her own apartment and drive a red convertible. However, it didn’t happen. She would have settled for a mini-van, but that didn’t happen either. Instead, she drove a parcel delivery van. Things had not gone well for her at all. Most Likely to Succeed, huh! What a crock!

She had to admit that the biggest mistake she ever made in her life was falling for a pretty boy who loved to chase women and continued to do so even after they were married. He had a roving eye and he flirted with other women. She should have seen it coming.

As she was driving down a long winding road, she looked at her son asleep in the back seat, when suddenly, he woke up and started crying. She pulled over to the side of the road, retrieved a fresh bottle from a small ice chest, stuck the nipple in the baby’s mouth, and then she continued driving again. Her mind drifted back and forth over her life as she began to wonder how she ended up there.


Nancy was by far the hottest girl in high school in every aspect of that term. She was gorgeous, popular, and voted homecoming queen and prom queen by her peers and was captain of the cheerleading squad. She dated all the handsome and wealthy guys that all the other girls wanted. She continued on the path to success when she began college on scholarship, and decided to change her wild ways to become a nurse. She focused on her studies and was involved in various social groups and even set aside dating until she had a career. Her parents were so proud of her.

Then she met Julius in the school cafeteria, a handsome and charming man with a warm smile and easygoing personality. However, he was also a playboy and Nancy knew he was wrong for her. She avoided people like him. Sure, she dated a string of good looking guys but never dated anyone that had a reputation for being a playboy, rumor or not. She had no tolerance for it. Nevertheless, Julius never gave up and continued to pursue her telling her to give him a chance and take a chance on loving him.

As they say, Julius’s persuasion and boldness paid off and he swept Nancy off her feet. She found herself attracted to his bad boy persona, biker image, and rebellious look. She gave in to his charms—giving in to him. In a blink of an eye, Nancy’s dream of a successful career shattered. They got married at a City Hall with only a few friends present. Nancy’s parents were furious. Her father was so angry he forbade her to step foot in their house again. Eventually, they disowned her. Nancy was devastated, but she couldn’t blame them. She broke their hearts.

Nancy soon found out she made a big mistake. Julius wasn’t the man she thought he was.  She thought he was wealthy and had his own place in New York. She should have noticed something strange when he took her there. The apartment had a feminine touch, something she never expected, but she was so in love that she just brushed it off. It turned out Julius was only housesitting for a friend who was a Peace Corp volunteer in southern Thailand. She had been gone almost a year, and Julius had been staying there since. He had no job and had no interest in working, and his parents supported him. He wasn’t even a student at any school. He hung out in the school cafeteria just to meet girls. Nancy fell for his charismatic ways and she was fooled for so long, blind to his lies because she was in love with him. She realized how much happier she was when she was alone, trying hard to pursue a career. Now, it was too late. Julius immediately controlled every aspect of her life.

When Julius’s friend, Shirley, unexpectedly returned from Thailand a few months later, she was surprised to see Nancy living in her house. Julius hadn’t told her he got married. Shirley thought the two of them had a unique connection and mutual understanding.  She was furious and felt betrayed. She immediately threw them out of the house. With no other place to go, they took refuge at Nancy’s old dormitory. Julius was such a charmer that Nancy’s roommates didn’t mind Julius sleeping in the same room with them.

With late night partying in their dorm almost every night, Nancy’s grades dropped, and she knew her scholarship was at stake. What would her parents think of her if she lost it? They were still upset with her, so she couldn’t ask them for financial support after she married Julius. She knew they would not be happy to see her if she came home with her husband. She wasn’t even sure if they would be glad to see her at all.

Then the inevitable happened—she lost her scholarship, which meant she lost the privilege of staying in the dorm. With no other place to go, they didn’t have a choice but to live with Julius’s parents in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She stepped into the new world of reality with high hopes.

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