How would you react when someone asked you, “What are you 56 or 58?” when you are only 53?

sad face

I went to my family doctor this morning for a check-up. After he had requested that I get a complete blood work, he asked if I had my colonoscopy done yet. I said no.

He looked at me and said, “What are you 56 or 58?”

When he saw me frowned, he said, “You really need it done, no ifs, and, or butts! I understand that colonoscopy is not on most people’s favorite thing to do ever list, but you have to do it!”

I answered, “Yes, doc! I understand that. But I am upset because you thought I’m 58!”

Of course, my doctor felt bad about it the whole time, and as I was leaving the office, he yelled across the room and said, “Marissa, you really do look like 30!” to which I replied, “Give it up, doc! You blew it!” then I gave him a hug, and we both laughed.

I guess the sad, cruel fact, was that my stubborn gray hair made me look older, and I have to do something about it. Soon! lol